Why do we have nails

Women hands, in particular why do we have nails, require special care, as they are always visible. At the first contact, the person pays attention to this part of the body. If there is no manicure, the girl will expose herself in a negative light. The skin of the whole body, and especially the skin of the hands, is very often exposed to the environment. Winds, frosts and even the sun have a detrimental effect on it. At home, your skin is also far from safe, its condition is constantly affected by soap, powders, detergents and eventually ordinary water. And if you do not protect your skin in time, then in the near future it will become dry and wrinkled.

In order to bring your skin in order, you should observe the necessary care for your hands and why do we have nails and then, even in old age, your skin will be several years younger.

You can take care of why do we have nails both at home and with specialists. Now there are many beauty salons, where they provide such services.

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Beauty why do we have nails services

Manicure master in the salon will give a beautiful shape to your why do we have nails, make it neat. Also, manicure involves cutting the cuticle, softening and nourishing the skin, and preventive measures. Now manicure gel has become very fashionable. You can also choose the color of lacquer, which you want to paint the why do we have nails. It can monophonic color, or a pattern. There are many types of manicure. Normal, French, reverse french manicure, 3-D nails, paraffin manicure. If you do not have time to do a manicure often and independently, but the best choice for you is to contact the salon.

The why do we have nails care at home

In order for the why do we have nails to be strong, do not break and do not exfoliate, it is necessary to periodically make special masks, use decoctions to strengthen the why do we have nails. There are many tools that you can buy in finished form at the pharmacy, as well as prepare yourself.